Locked out? Gain access to your Tesla in seconds.

A simple, effortless way of gaining access to your Tesla vehicle(s) if you've been locked out. Your credentials are never stored and discarded immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can someone get locked out of their Tesla?

Tesla provides three normal methods of accessing and using vehicles: the mobile app (phone key), a key card, and the key fob.

Over 75% of Tesla owners primarily use their phones as a key, which puts you at risk of being unable to access your vehicle if the device unexpectedly dies or becomes damaged. This simple service strives to provide a effortless way of unlocking your vehicle from other devices such as a computer.

Simply ask a significant other, co-worker, or a ludicrously great friend to borrow their device and within a minute you'll be on your way. No app or download required.

This service is intended to reduce Tesla's service call volume by providing an easy method to regaining access to your vehicle by yourself.

Tesla provides assistance for vehicle owners who have been locked out of their vehicles, however..

  • Depending on the time of day and other unpredictable factors, you may have to wait several minutes or longer to reach someone.
  • Calling requires that you have a phone available.
  • You will be required to verify your identity which takes time.
  • Calling contributes to call volume and impacts other vehicle owners in need of assistance.

This service is powered by Teslascope, which is trusted by thousands of Tesla owners around the world. While we'd love to have you try out our vehicle platform, we understand if you're in a rush!

While your vehicle can be locked/unlocked, you will not be able to drive it without a phone key/card key/key fob. This is intentional and by design (by Tesla) to protect your vehicle from theft.

You can view more information about our security practices here.

Similar to our service Teslascope and other third-party services, we send a request to Tesla's servers with your credentials to ask for an access token. Your credentials are immediately discarded after this has occurred.

The access token is then kept in a unique session just for this device and is used to make additional requests to Tesla such as asking for your vehicle information and allow for unlocking/locking.

For your security, the session will automatically be invalidated after thirty minutes and any associated vehicle data and tokens will be permanently erased from our servers.

You may also end the session at any time using the "End Session" button.

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